πάντα χωρεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει

There is currently (10/03/2018 - 08/03/2018) an exhibition running at Galerij Jan Colle where some of my music can be heard. A set of six works, combining generative music based on gene families (see orthosong) with field recordings made during travels in the summers of 2016 and 2017. The music can be heard and downloaded here.

"Biology has so far spent itself in cataloguing the endlessly interesting epiphenomena of life, but at the heart of it there is still only a gaping void." - (Robert Rosen Life Itself, p. 14)

β - making sense of living things
Wandelweiser | Jürg Frey - Grizzana & Other Pieces

"Het nadenken heeft al zijn waardigheid van de vorm verloren: men heeft het ceremonieel en het plechtstatige gebaar van het nadenken tot een voorwerp van spot gemaakt: een wijze man van de oude stempel zou en niet meer kunnen verdragen. Wij denken te snel, zelfs onderweg, zelfs onder het lopen, onder bezigheden van allerlei aard, ook als wij de ernstige dingen denken; we hebben weinig voorbereiding nodig, weinig stilte zelfs [...]" - Friedrich Nietzsche (1882)

Nozorashi o kokoro ni kaze no shimu mi kana
In mijn hart een gebleekt skelet, mijn lijf doorboord door de wind.



Recordings from sheep in Sutjeska / Piva national park (Bosnia i Herzegovina / Montenegro).

Darwin's abominable mystery

A data point is not a fact but a measurement thereof. Joy and frogs are facts. Is death a fact or a mere possibility? Anyway, "a fact or datum is essentially meaningless; it is only the interpretation assigned to it that has significance."

Glaswerk consists of six short pieces (only 11 minutes in duration) for an ensemble of three and five glasses [...] more

Triadic memories

Stochastic bass guitar music for sunday morning. has not really something to do with Morton Feldman's triadic memories. It is a small piece randomly generated from a set of consonant triads recorded with my bass guitar. It is mostly made for relaxing and [...]

"For presumably, it is unlikely that fire or earth or anything else of that sort would cause some things to be in a good or fine state and would cause other things to come to be in that state, and unlikely that people would thin so; still, it was unsatisfactory to entrust so great a result to chance and luck." (Aristotle Metaphysics I 984b 11-14).


A python program for comparative genomic music. Susumu Ohno sings amino acids. github [...]

The number of times an event with rate λ occurs in an interval of time or space. $$\frac{\lambda^k}{k!}e^{-\lambda}$$ This is not unimportant.

Kabbelen - This album mainly consists of three parts, though trying to remain a whole. Kabbelen is the main theme, the purposeless flowing of things, rivers, streams, thoughts, this music, ... It is not at all an album for active listening, it often is ambient music in the original sense, don't let it interfere, don't try not to fall asleep. Still purposeless flowing music to relax, ignore or listen to. Read more [...]

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