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How to get to Stonehenge for free

On your way from Tilshead to Salisbury (route A360) your passing Stonehenge. A tremendous tourist trap pops up as you notice you have to pay 5£ for parking and 18£ for visiting the site. However there is a free way to visit Stonehenge, as you can get almost at the same distance from the site by going around.

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On your way on route A360 you will pass a roundabout, here you can go on the car park and you will find a youngster working there. The youngster has a Growlithe and Graveler and can be easily defeated. After defeating the youngster he will tell you that you can get nearer to Stonehenge by following route A303 and taking the first on the left instead of paying 18£ for a shuttle bus to the site.

Walking on the small sidepath of route A303 you will get near a crossing where the shuttle bus passes. Here an old man will wait, after talking to the old man he will challenge you to fight. The old man is a more worthy opponent as he possesses an Omastar and a Tyranitar. After defeating the old man he will unlock the secret passage which is just a small gate to a field full of sheep from which you can get near Stonehenge. From there you will see tons of tourists that ran into the trap and payed lots of money to get 7 meters closer than you. Note the lovely sheep in the other direction.


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